pitch decks

Do you have an idea for a series (web-series, half-hour, drama, comedy, animated...etc) or film, but want to organize your ideas and have it ready to pitch?


I'm your girl.


Even without a script, flushing out your ideas with a visual pitch deck is the way to go. Streaming platforms, network TV, and all media outlets are looking for content right now.


As an actor/writer/producer who has pitched her show(s) to many of the major networks (& got her series 'Riding the D with Dr. Seeds' on Amazon Prime during COVID), I'd love to talk about your project and get your ideas fleshed out.

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Pitch decks can cost up to $1200-$2000, but I'm kicking off this business with $800 deal. $400 at the start. $400 when we're done.  I'll send you my template/form to fill out all your show info, and phone consultation. Then you'll get my first draft and one more pass.

Interested? Email me at seeds.sarah@gmail.com or hit the CONTACT ME button below.

Let's make your show idea come to life. When the industry is fully back in business, you'll be ready with show ideas!