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pitch decks

Do you have an idea for a series (web-series, half-hour, drama, comedy, animated...etc) or film, but want to organize your ideas and have it ready to pitch?


I'm your girl.


Even without a script, flushing out your ideas with a visual pitch deck is the way to go. Streaming platforms, network TV, and all media outlets are looking for content right now.


As an actor/writer/producer who has pitched her show(s) to many of the major networks (& got her series 'Riding the D with Dr. Seeds' on Amazon Prime during COVID), I'd love to talk about your project and get your ideas fleshed out.

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Pitch decks can cost up to $1500-$2000, but I'm kicking off this business with $900 deal. $450 at the start. $450 when we're done.  I'll send you my template/form to fill out all your show info, and phone consultation. Then you'll get my first draft and one more pass.

Interested? Email me at or hit the CONTACT ME button below.

Let's make your show idea come to life. When the industry is fully back in business, you'll be ready with show ideas!

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