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Sarah's latest press, both for her work as an actress and as a content creator.


Daily Actor,

[Article Link]

Seeds forges a path for herself here as a multi-hyphenate artist who has successfully self-generated a project that has allowed her to showcase her abilities front and center.

Broadway World, [Article Link]

Tonally, [Dr. Seeds is] random in the right ways like Children's Hospital with a playfulness like Blue's Clues written in the contemporary female voice of Broad City.

Awards Daily,

[Article LiNK]

...on the ballot this year in the short form acting category is an unlikely but worthy contender in Sarah Seeds for her uncanny and highly engrossing performance on Riding The D With Dr. Seeds


Digital Journal,

[Article Link]



She defined the word success as "means continuing to pursue what you love and having something to show for it."

Web Series Reviews,

[Article Link]

What Seeds succeed’s in doing with the short form is creating a platform for her talent that is so fearlessly creative and bold that you simply cannot ignore the show or her as a performer!

SHock ya!,

[Article LiNK]

The new comedy uses the title D subway line, which connects the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn, as the backdrop for an original and uncanny portrait of mental health

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